"I have used this spool and never want to snub again without one. The tool is simple and intuitive to use. The visual and audible alerts it provides allows absolutely anyone to understand what is happening downhole and what their next action should be. I guarantee that anyone who goes on to use this tool will never want to operate a snubbing unit without one again"
- Robert Duncan, HAES Snubbing Operator

"This tool is a game changer in my opinion and will eliminate serious risks"
- Jamie Wagner, Sr HES Field Representative, Chevron Canada

"The spool gives the operator 100% confidence the coupling is in the staging chamber…Since we started using the spool it feels unsafe to run without it."
- Mike Lepage, HAES Snubbing Supervisor

"I would definitely recommend the Intelligent Spool. It has helped us in doing our job safely and more efficiently while snubbing at extremely high pressures and I would use this every well if we could"
- Mitch Gordon, HAES Snubbing Operator