5 1/8" i.d. 15,000psi model

When the Intelligent Wellhead Systems patented technology is integrated into a Frac-Tree then tied into the accumulator controls it helps eliminate multiple common incidents during critical intervention operations. The system is developed co-operatively between Intelligent Wellhead Systems and the Frac-Tree suppliers.

Advantages for Frac-Tree Operations

  • Faster recovery of wireline tools
  • Faster recovery of coiled tubing strings
  • Accurate tubing hanger measurements
  • Confidently utilize the hydraulic BOP instead of avoiding it, increasing the speed of well shut in and opening procedures
  • Instant, real time well data streamed to multiple decision makers

Operational Risks Mitigated by the Intelligent Wellhead System

  • Inadvertently closing a BOP on wireline, tubing or BHA’s
  • Accidentally shutting in a wellhead during a high pressure frac
  • Sending personnel into hot zones to operate manual valves
  • Fishing operation frequency decreased substantially
  • Opening unequalized valves, launching tools or damaging equipment
  • Identify severely damaged pipe or live perforating guns before exiting BOP

System Hardware Specifications

  • Size 5 1/8"x 15,000psi connection
  • API Spec 6A monogrammed
  • NACE MR0175
  • CSA approved to; Class 1 Zone 1 group IIB, T3
  • Height 4"
  • Operating Temp -45C to +60C
  • -Non Invasive design uses no internal parts or seals-no risk of communication from wellbore to sensors
  • -Remote Operated Magnetic Field Reduction System for sensitive downhole tools
  • -Can be integrated anywhere in the BOP stack or lubricator
  • -Can be crossed down with DSA's or X-over spools for smaller I.D. stacks