5 1/8" i.d. 15,000psi model

Detects tool joints or collars as they pass by the spool. The interface displays the size and location of your tubing, BHA or Wire-Line tools at the location of the spool. Very effective for all fishing operations. Increases tripping speeds of all live well intervention services. Drastically reduces the risk of serious incidents.

Advantages for Fishing Operations

  • Virtually eliminates the risk of parting or buckling pipe due to ram collisions
  • Reduced stress levels while personnel are performing critical tasks
  • Eliminates closing Blinds/Gate Valve on BHA, wireline or tubing
  • Confident decisions can be made when fishing operations are being performed
  • Ability to safely increase tripping speeds
  • Data logs the entire trip enabling real time Analytics, Accountability for Non-Productive Time and Rig Performance
  • Precisely monitors the temperature of the pressure control stack
  • Detects if the pipe rams are functioning through lateral position sensing
  • Can test mud motor in a controlled environment inside the well, reducing environmental spills or mechanical incidents and it saves time
  • Accurate placement confirmation enabled when lubricating BHA's
  • Able to determine if Jars/Bumper Subs are open or closed prior to entering the BOP
  • Alerts operator when the end of the string passes the spool enabling confident closure of BOP and eliminating the risk a Blow-Out
  • Tubing hanger placement verification prior to equalizing or bleeding off the stack
  • Reduces the risks associated with pulling strings when inaccurate or non-existing well data is an issue
  • Confirmation of the number of joints tripped in the well, eliminating human error

System Hardware Specifications

  • Size 5 1/8"x 15,000psi connection
  • Enlarged & fluted I.D. to prevent tubing hangers from sealing off in the stack (5 1/4" I.D.)
  • API Spec 6A monogrammed
  • NACE MR0175
  • Spool CSA certified to Class 1 Zone 1
  • Computer CSA certified to Class 1 Zone 2
  • Height 4"
  • Operating Temp -45C to +60C
  • Integral design uses no internal parts or seals therefore no risk of communication from wellbore to sensors
  • Remote Operated Magnetic Field Reduction System for sensitive downhole tools
  • Can be crossed down with DSA’s or crossover spools for smaller I.D. stacks
  • 7 1/16" x 10,000psi + 11" x 10,000psi to be released soon