5 1/8" i.d. 15,000psi model

The system enables faster recovery of coiled tubing strings while simultaneously negating serious well control concerns and damages to assets.

Advantages for Coiled Tubing Operations

  • Time savings recovering coil string each trip 45min-1.5hr on average, in some worst cases 1.5hr-8hrs
  • Save 2-7 hours when recovering parted coil
  • No risk of tagging out hard and damaging stripping head, dropping tools or getting the No-Go stuck
  • Eliminates closing the valve on pipe and putting personnel in a hazardous zone
  • Can remove the No-Go from string entirely and reduce the risk of getting stuck downhole
  • Can monitor the temperature of the BOP stack for hydrate detection
  • Can detect if pipe rams are functioning due to lateral position sensing
  • BHA Imaging useful for fishing application
  • Can test motor in controlled environment inside the well. Reducing environmental spills and mechanical incidents
  • Save an average of one hour or more per round trip by being able to safely increase tripping speeds
  • Save millions of dollars by averting serious incidents
  • Data log all activity on the well and securely relay the analytics to the engineers and managers
  • Intelligent Wellhead system can be integrated into any BOP or wellhead configuration as a stand alone product

System Hardware Specifications

  • Size 5 1/8"x 15,000psi connection
  • API Spec 6A monogrammed
  • NACE MR0175
  • CSA approved to; Class 1 Zone 1 group IIB, T3
  • Height 4"
  • Operating Temp -45C to +60C
  • Non Invasive design uses no internal parts or seals-no risk of communication from wellbore to sensors
  • Remote Operated Magnetic Field Reduction System for sensitive downhole tools
  • Can be integrated anywhere in the BOP stack or lubricator
  • Can be crossed down with DSA's or X-over spools for smaller I.D. stacks