Our Service

Intelligent Wellhead Systems provides a rental service to the Global Oil & Gas industry. We rent our technology direct to the producers or to the service companies in the relevant sectors. A technician installs the system into the BOP stack and sets up the support equipment. The IWS representative then trains a designated competant service hand to operate the equipment. For complex jobs we recommend retaining our Tool Hand for the duration.

The entire system can be rigged in, in as little as 10 minutes. Some common applications are as follows;

  1. Live Well Fishing Operations whether it's Snubbing, Coil or Wireline.
  2. Complex Snubbing Operations
  3. Coiled Tubing Operations
  4. Wire-Line Operations
  5. Critical Sour Wells
  6. High Pressure Wells
  7. Off-Shore

The cost of the system can easily be quantified by the time savings it generates on location, in addition to the serious incidents it prevents.